Zimanga Ultimate Hides Safari: Wild Dogs Kill two Warthogs …

News from Brendon Cremer:

(All images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

Yesterday afternoon we did as before – with half the group wanting to go straight to the overnight hide to wait for visitors to the water while the others elected to enjoy an afternoon game drive. Which was a better option? Well, each group felt justifiably smug with their choice while simultaneously thinking that the other had some pretty amazing experiences …

So what did the two groups see? Those on the game drive found the two male Lions again and collected some great images of the handsome duo. A beautiful female cheetah came next and posed beautifully on the ground, and allowed some closeup shots without bothering at all. She was very full and therefore not inclined to be active, but she was happy to look up and around.

There were plenty of Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhino around the reserve. Nyala, Herds of Impala, Zebra, and Giraffe dotted the plains, and two of the Wild Dogs appeared, running too fast for the vehicles to keep up.


The group in the overnight hide experienced another huge thunderstorm and downpour during the night. What an awe-inspiring experience, enhanced a hundred-fold out there in the hide, overlooking the water. That is about as close as one can get to being out in the bush with nature being dramatic with echoing thunder and a lightning show to intimidate even the bravest. So fabulous, but tough for photography.

We got some beautiful lightning shots – and before the storm actually started animals came to the water to drink, including hundreds of Zebra that approached nervously, but bolted away with each lightning strike or thunder clap.


The Wildebeest were more placid, and during the night Buffalo arrived to drink. We got long exposure shots of the Buffalo drinking in the foreground, with those thick storm clouds lit up by lightning behind them.


And finally, this morning a few Rhinos arrived to drink at the hide.


The group that did the game drive yesterday decided to go to Lagoon Hide this morning where Grey Herons, Black Herons, Yellow-billed Storks, African Jacanas, and Pied Kingfishers kept everyone busy – until a Fish Eagle arrived! This was a cue for the other birds to depart hastily or discreetly …

Both groups met up to go in search of the Wild Dogs. We arrived just as they had killed a Warthog, and within moments they chased a killed a second Warthog very close to us. We photographed them from ground level as the nineteen dogs ate!


So, who had the better day? I guess it was a draw, as each group has wonderful photos and incredible memories – and there is more to come …