Zimanga Ultimate Hides Safari: Overnight in a Hide …

Zimanga Ultimate Hides Safari: Overnight in a Hide …

News from Brendon Cremer:

(All images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

We arrived and set out for our first afternoon adventure. Our groups soon split up with one deciding to go straight into the overnight hide for the whole afternoon, the entire night – and much of this morning as well!

We photographed so much! Buffalo arrived during the night, and we grabbed the opportunity to snatch up our cameras for some great night-time shots, in addition to rhinos and elephants.


Dramatic clouds built up and when lightning started to blaze across the sky we also gathered a decent number of those images.

It rained from about midnight until just before dawn, creating a most wonderful atmosphere in the hide – but was rotten for photography.

This morning some Hamerkops came down to the dam and kept us busy for ages as they caught Raucous Toads in the dam in front of us. As each toad was caught it was thrown into the air, caught again, before attempting to feed, only to throw it back up into the air. The action and photography proved to be quite marvellous!


And the other group?

They had an equally amazing time. There were zebra, giraffe, rhino, buffalo and two male lions that were resting peacefully.

Then a pack of nineteen Wild Dogs pitched up. The Wild Dogs here are quite phenomenal. The pack included 12 pups that are doing well, having been born earlier this year. The pack was hunting – and managed to nab a Scrub Hare right next to us. Well, two of the dogs got stuck in, and there was very little left in just seconds!

This morning the group headed straight to the Lagoon Hide where they amassed collections of images of Yellow-billed Storks, Fish Eagles, Pied Kingfishers, Little Egrets, and African Jacanas – all busily fishing – maybe more active than usual after all that rain during the night.

Right now we are looking forward to the remainder of the day …