Zimanga Photo Safari: A Variety of Exciting Nocturnal Guests at the Overnight Hide

Hendri Reports News from the Zimanga Photo Safari:

Once again our TuskPhoto Safari guests divided into small groups to make the most of the different hides and game drives here at Zimanga.

As planned I spent the night in the Overnight Hide with a group of our TuskPhoto Safari guests. And we were really spoiled! Buffalo visited four times, giving us plenty of opportunities to capture those magical nighttime shots. In fact, even before the sun set the evening before, warthogs appeared at the waterhole, and they also visited again early this morning. In addition four Kudu cows arrived for a drink. They had plenty of Oxpeckers accompanying them.

And also late yesterday one of the other groups found male lions that they photographed by spotlight.

This morning one of the groups went out on a game drive where they photographed elephants, cheetah, and plenty of general game.

A different group visited the Predator Hide where a large number of vultures could be seen again. They were joined by a Black-backed Jackal, and the action really became quite frenetic as the jackal and vultures took exception to each other, with each trying to be very assertive for brief moments before being intimidated again by the other – for a short while.

At the Bird Bath Hide plenty of Kingfishers were photographed, as well as a number of other birds that were all disturbed briefly when a herd of elephants arrived to drink at the waterhole.

This afternoon we visited the Wild Dogs. It became very overcast, and when the light faded we practised doing panning shots with slow shutter speeds as the dogs moved. Everyone was thrilled with the outcomes.

A visit to the Bird Bath Hide this afternoon was a little disappointing as it was windy and rather gloomy, so not ideal for photography, but the Lagoon Hide was far more productive. Close-up images there turned out particularly well. The resident Fish Eagle posed with outstretched wings, while the Pied Kingfishers either sat on handy twigs or hovered expectantly above the water before plunging in to catch a fish.

Another lovely day has ended, and although the weather report for tomorrow does not look promising, we are hoping for the best …