Zimanga Photo Safari: All Night Visitors at the Overnight Hide

Hendri’s News from the Zimanga Photo Safari:(Unmarked images from back of Brendon’s Camera)

Spending the night at an Overnight Hide in the bush is one of those indescribable experiences. There is such a special aura and hush as different animals and birds appear out of the mysterious night to drink water at the dam overlooked by the Hide. It is quite magical …

We had a very busy night in the Hide, but let us start with our morning activities that started with clearer skies and plenty of sunshine. Fabulous. Our photography was back on track.

We split up to visit the different hides again, with the Vulture Hide being ultra successful with fifty plus vultures visible at any one time. There was some fabulous interaction between the vultures and Black-backed Jackals with each species trying to dominate the other, but with neither really gaining the upper hand.

I joined a game drive with some of our safari guests. We searched for lions and found two lionesses with thee cubs very busy with a Nyala kill. Although they were behind some bushes we were able to position ourselves to watch the action without too much obstruction in the way. We were delighted when the cubs started a game when they managed to grab the tail of the Nyala. They tugged it in all directions, pounced on it, growled menacingly at it, and simply had a fun time with their prize. The action and interaction gave us plenty to photograph.

In the afternoon one group enjoyed a game drive and found a pack of Wild Dogs at a kill. The setting sun provided a beautiful backdrop for everyone to capture wide angle shots.

At the Lagoon Hide the Fish Eagle was very busy. He flew back and forth, back and forth, and concentrated on the still water hoping to see and catch some fish. The flight shots turned out well as the bird was so busy that he gave everyone a chance to get it right.

At the Overnight Hide we were busy all night long. It was hectic! There were just so many visitors. Buffalos seemed to arrive all the time, with few breaks between one herd and the next. We also photographed Oxpeckers, Kudus, and plenty of other visitors.

As I said, an Overnight Hide experience is something really special for any nature lover and wildlife photographer.

Tomorrow we are expecting clear weather again and we are looking forward to plenty more sightings at this wonderful reserve …