Zimanga Photo Safari: New Photographic Techniques with Stupendous Results …

Brendon Reports News from from the Zimanga Photo Safari:

We left the Hide early this morning. As expected the morning started gloomy and overcast and it remained drizzly and dull for the entire day. (No complaints … we need the rain!) But being keen photographers we were out there, ready for anything the day would present to us.

While in the Overnight Hide we had some really fabulous animal visitors to the water. A bunch of rhinos appeared at one time, and we were able to do some multiple exposures that turned out well. The dark clouds in the background overlaid in the camera with buffalo in the foreground are particularly impactful.

It was a really great learning experience for many of the guests who have not tried this type of photography before. It was enjoyed by all, and as they mastered the techniques you could see the smiles widening.

The groups split up again today to visit the Bird Bath Hide and the Vulture Hide. There were many Red-billed Quelea at the Bird Bath Hide. Elephant bulls and later a mongoose family arrived to drink. At the Vulture Hide crows, a Woolly-necked Stork and a Tawny Eagle hung around. But being so overcast it was relatively quiet at both hides.

This afternoon we found a Wild Dog pack. They tried to shelter from the inclement weather, but we managed to capture portrait shots.

The afternoon at the Lagoon Hide was most successful. Malachite Kingfishers carried on unperturbed by the weather, as did the African Jacana, Black Crake, a Grey Heron, and the Fish Eagle.

We have all returned to the Lodge, pleased that despite the weather we managed some good photographs. Maybe the weather will clear again by tomorrow …