Zimanga Photo Safari: Lionesses Hunt a Buffalo …

Hendri Reports News from the Zimanga Photo Safari:

The weather was glorious when we woke up and we set out in our different groups in beautiful, early golden light. Just the type of morning one dreams about when back in the city.

During the night those at the Overnight Hide again had plenty of buffalo and rhino visitors while warthogs accompanied by oxpeckers arrived just in time to be photographed as the dawn colours lit up the sky.

The Scavenger Hide was a real winner today.

The attendant vultures included plenty of White-backed and a few Lappet-faced Vultures while the odd Hooded Vulture could also be spotted from time to time. Then a Spotted Hyena arrived and immediately sent the vultures scattering and flitting in all directions – but not for long.

As always the Birdbath Hide proved to be very productive with numerous species stopping to bathe or for a welcome drink. Suddenly all the birds flew away. Why … ahhhh, fabulous! A Banded Mongoose family arrived to enjoy the water.

On our terrific game drive we found a lioness with her three little Cubs aged about four months. They were too cute as they played their kittenish games. They stalked each other, tumbled on and over each other and enjoyed a lively game of see who can catch mommy’s tail!

Then the lionesses spied a lone buffalo and immediately went into hunting mode. Here we go, we thought, and watched with bated breath as the started to close in on their unaware prey. Unaware? No! The buffalo wily spotted his stalkers and dashed away at full speed.

A pack of Wild Dogs ran along a wide open plain and we followed them for a while, taking photographs as they ran, stopped, looked around and ran again. When they gave up we returned to the Lodge for a late breakfast.

This afternoon a thick bank of clouds rolled in and the rain started. A few hardy photographers decided to try the Lagoon Hide but it was very gloomy there with very poor light and few visitors.

But another night in the Overnight Hide was very successful again … by now we really expect the nocturnal visits from buffalos and rhinos and different buck, and for us it was rounded off in the early morning when a herd of elephants arrived to drink and splash …

Our cameras are full and we are all delighted with our images as we look forward to clear weather for our final precious hours at Zimanga …