Zimanga Photo Safari: Great Success at the Different Photographic Hides …

Brendon’s News from from the Zimanga Photo Safari:

The TuskPhoto safari guests who decided to spend last night at the Overnight Hide had a wonderful time. Hyenas and buffalo stopped there to drink during the night and with the moon we were able to amass some fabulous photographs. In a word, it was awesome.

Another group of TuskPhoto guests visited the Scavenger Hide, where no fewer than 45 vultures accompanied by Tawny Eagles, Marabou Storks and crows milled around busily. Among the vultures were two Lappet-faced Vultures. The scene was busy, busy.

Other guests visited the Bird Bath Hide where not only different birds came to bathe – warthogs arrived to drink there as well. Golden-breasted Buntings, Acacia Pied Barbets, Black-collared Barbets, Blue Waxbills, Firefinches, Lemon- breasted Canaries, Turtle Doves, and Emerald-spotted Wood Doves, are just a few of the many species that come to mind.

This evening a different group will spend the night in the Overnight Hide with Hendri. Others joined me this afternoon for a dame drive. We saw quite a few rhinos, and giraffe seemed to be just everywhere, and we also photographed elephants.

Then we saw a female cheetah, and luckily she posed really well for us. Finally we found two male lions.

Meanwhile a number of our guests visited the Lagoon Hide and others elected to spend the afternoon at the Bird Bath Hide.

At the Lagoon Hide very active Fish Eagles, Black-winged Stilts, Grey Herons, and Egyptian Geese kept cameras busy.

After a very full day everyone has collected a number of outstanding photographs, and all are keen to continue with the ‘rotation’ system where small groups participate in different activities …