Zimanga Photo Safari: Another Very Full 24 Hours with Great Photographic Success …

Brendon Reports from the Zimanga Photo Safari:

We started the morning with another fabulous game drive. We found a pack of Wild Dogs almost immediately and as the early golden light bathed everything in that special warm glow we were able to capture dozens of fabulous photographs. We followed the dogs for quite some time me time until they headed into a gully where we could no longer follow.

3 Zimanga Wild Dogs Brendon2988
3 Zimanga Brendon Wild Dogs2987

We stopped for a welcome coffee break after which we photographed a herd of elephants followed by rhinos. There are herds of buffalo dotted around the area, so we collected plenty of shots of them in groups or singly.

We tried to find lions again, but they were nowhere to be seen this morning. However, we did find a female cheetah. She posed for us as she peered around, scrutinising the area for any possible prey nearby. She looked rather skinny, so we realised that she would definitely hunt seriously quite soon.

The guests who visited the different hides also came away with lovely images of some of the different species that abound here. Weavers, Quelea, Waxbills, Fire-finches, Brown-hooded Kingfisher to mention a few of the smaller birds. The Vulture Hide was extra active again and a Black-backed Jackal arrived again to harass the birds.

The group that went on the afternoon game drive found the two male lions that we had hoped to see in the morning. They were in the open and everyone on the drive was able to fill their cameras with great photographs of the two. Soon after they found the female cheetah that we had spotted in the morning and sure enough! She had a fresh impala kill. She had hunted during the course of the day and had a good meal.

In the afternoon we went to the Overnight Hide that was as busy as can be again. There was so much action! Buffalo arrived in their hundreds throughout the afternoon and right through the night.

3 Zimanga Buffalo Drinkin Brendon_2989

Rhinos arrived in between the buffalos which meant that we had very little time with nothing to photograph.

Everyone is delighted with today’s results again, and we are looking forward to our final full day here tomorrow, when we plan to make the absolute most of our time …