Zambezi Voyager: Animals! Cameras! Action!

News from Andrew:

Wow! Being on the river in this part of the world is quite amazing and the abundance of animals is quite breathtaking at times. Hardly a moment passes without animals and birds galore around. A comprehensive list of all that we have seen would be long and boring so here are the highlights.

We headed up one of the side channels and quickly found some Fish Eagles busily fishing. We watched (and photographed) as they swooped down to grab fish from the river –


– and then to soar gracefully back up into the sky and to find a perch to enjoy the catch.

Yellow-billed kites also enjoyed fishing in the river and through the morning we were able to photograph four or five of them swooping down to grab a fish from the waters. And Skimmers also employed their unique fishing method to ensure a meal.

                                                            African Skimmer

As we travelled along there were numerous large crocodiles basking in the sun on the riverbanks and rocks. And speaking about rocks, there were Rock Pratincoles in amongst some rocks on a small island in the river.

When we returned to the Zambezi Voyager for brunch we found that hundreds of elephants had wandered down to the bank opposite the houseboat and we were able to spend ages watching and photographing them.

When we headed out this afternoon huge billowy black thunderclouds has built up, creating an ominous looking sky. To our delight a herd of elephants in the foreground with the menacing clouds behind them made very dramatic images.

A large pod of hippos resting peacefully, packed tightly together meant another stop for us. Carrying on Cormorants, Slaty Egrets, Skimmers, Pied Kingfishers and Squacco Herons provided perfect photo ops.

Then a few buffalo bulls wandered down to the river to eat and drink, and as they did so numerous Egrets worried around the buffalos’ faces to catch the insects that were being disturbed.

It was just after sunset that we found another small herd of elephants and we hastily photographed their silhouettes against the beautiful dusky sky and then headed back to the houseboat.

     _BBC9483 copy

Tomorrow we plan to explore the side channels again before we head up to Serendela where we will be moored next …