We Follow Up With the Leopards at Sabi Sand Reserve …

Dawie Checks on Thando and her Son on the Djuma Photo Safari:


Or morning drive started with our planned visit to the Thandi, the leopard and her cub. They were still very busy with their duiker kill, and took turns feeding as the carcass dangled somewhat precariously from high up in the tree.


We had enough time to practice different camera settings, a variety of  photographic styles, zoombursts, wide angles, flashes, motion blur, different shutter speeds, and some innovative artistic effects as well. The leopards kept us really busy as they climbed up and down the tree, took turns at the remains, rested close those together, and gazed around at all the different sounds emanating from the bush. We were luckily able to spend the entire morning with them.

In the afternoon we went in search of other animals, and were happy to photograph a number of elephants, Plains game everywhere, that included many zebras and giraffe. We stopped for a single hyena before we decided to check on Thandi and cub again.

We arrived to find Thandi in the tree with the dwindling remains. We spent about 45 minutes there, and marvelled at her really distended belly. She has eaten really well on the carcass that is surely beginning to decay.


Taking a slow meander back to the camp we were alerted to the presence of a male leopard in the vicinity. We tried to locate him without much luck.


We have many different exciting photographs to process during our Lightroom session in the morning …