Update on Moyà, the Injured Female Leopard …

Wim Shares His Day from Elephant Plains on the Sabi Sand Photo Safari:

It was still cloudy when we set out – and the overcast skies plus a light drizzle from time to time helped to cool the world substantially.

We followed some leopard tracks close to camp when we received a very welcome call. Moyà had been spotted. This is the leopard that had that horrendous injury three weeks ago, and we were pleased to hear that she was still around, and even more delighted to find her looking healthy and with that massive gash on her side healed and clearly not bothering her at all. She moved with ease, and rested next to the road.

When Moyà heard a lion roaring she got up and started to move in the direction of the sound. We followed her across an open plain, through a drainage line, and when we pulled ahead she sauntered past us without sparing us a glance.

But when she spotted a herd of impala she climbed onto a termite mound from where she scrutinised them carefully. Then she started to stalk the buck, but gave up after a while to return to her vantage point on a termite mound. Wow! Time passed so quickly. It felt like moments when we realised that we had spent the entire morning with the busy cat, collecting hundreds of superb images as she went about her business.

During our midday break classroom sessions occupied our time as we covered photographic techniques and some Lightroom editing.

Our afternoon drive started with elephants close to the camp. A huge bull elephant put on quite a show for us, and when he strolled past our vehicle, relaxed and on his way to another succulent tree, some of the Tusk guests had an experience they had not thought possible. We frequently see breeding herds, female elephants and calves of different ages, but this huge male was something different.

Next we found Tiyane, another female leopard frequently seen in this area. She was under a huge tree next to the camp. Then we spotted her cub up in the tree, feeding on a kill. The cub gave us a special treat when she picked up the remains and jumped from one branch to another. Beautiful! We were able to photograph her in midair as she made the leap, kill gripped firmly in her already powerful jaws.

The two leopards went off somewhere together. They stopped for a while on a termite mound before they ventured into a thick, impenetrable area where it was quite impossible to follow. But we had some fabulous shots of the two safely in our cameras.

Before we returned to the Lodge we did a quick loop, and came across a civet and unbelievably we saw a genet soon after.

So after another busy day with different cats, we cannot help wondering how tomorrow could possibly be as fabulous from all points of view …