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Dawie’s News from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour …


The very early ghostly pre-sunrise morning we visited a house close to Kolmanskop. The little house is on a railway line and it was a fabulous subject for our early, eerie shoot. The starts were still bright in the still dark sky and our photos were as impactful as the scenes we we captured. We practised light painting and then as signs of the morning sunrise started to appear in the sky we moved over to Kolmanskop town to photograph the many ghostly houses there.

There is sand everywhere – inside and outside!

After a few hours we headed back for breakfast. We rested for much of the day as we were keen for lots and lots of night photography. The hospital provided a particularly successful shoot, with long, abandoned corridors, light streaming through doors and sand tinted windows, and the beautiful colours of the ubiquitous sand reflected everywhere.

We returned to the hotel for dinner before we set out for the abandoned railway station – Grasplatz –  where the first diamond in the area was discovered. We had all different ideas regarding lighting and our photos as we tried the different approaches turned out really well. We tried to light the buildings from inside to give the impression that someone was home. This made each photo look even more abandoned and neglected.

Then we photographed the stars and Milky Way through windows, and through an old train. Wow! They all just worked out so very well.

We returned to the Lodge to get some rest before another day dawned …

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