Ultimate Chobe Safari: Duelling Marabous

Brendon Reports from the Ultimate Chobe Safari:

(Note: Images from Back of Camera)

The early sunrise found us out on the river, ready for a great day.

Photo 2014-08-23, 4 17 06 PM-1

As the sun peeked over the horizon we photographed Darters roosting in a dead tree. The rising sun behind the birds created a truly impactful scene.

Then came buffalo, Fish Eagles, and Pied Kingfishers before we found a pod of hippos, snorting and spraying water, yawning and grunting while Water Monitors relaxed along the edge of the river.

Along the banks various animals were arriving for food and drink.

Photo 2014-08-23, 6 17 33 PM-4

Lechwe looked quite golden in the early light, and some Puku delighted us with their presence.

There seemed to be crocodiles everywhere this morning. They lazed along the banks of the river, deceptively ignoring everything around them. 

Photo 2014-08-23, 6 33 59 PM-6

Of course the birds are always simply stupendous. There were Sacred Ibis, Glossy Ibis and Yellow-billed Storks, to mention a few. And Black Egrets created those umbrella ‘hides’ for the fish to hide under before they dipped their beaks and grabbed the fish.

This afternoon we saw an enormous herd of buffalo.

Photo 2014-08-23, 4 20 53 PM-2 image-1-4 image-10-3


By enormous I mean about 800! They came right down to the waters edge where some stepped into the river for a drink, and others milled around, eating, drinking, resting.

We simply had to stop for a couple of Marabou Storks. One had caught a fish, and now an argument developed over the rights to said fish. Using their beaks as long swords the two duelled, fighting furiously over the fish. Actually, the fish seemed to be forgotten in the fight as neither seemed to have it when the clash ended very abruptly.

At Elephant Bay a Fish Eagle bathed in the shallow water, while a Little Egret disturbed the water nearby, jabbing its beak into the water from time to time as it spotted a fish.

Returning to the Lodge we we pleased to capture some fabulous elephant silhouettes against the setting sun. A super ending to a super day!


Tomorrow we would like to go into Chobe National Park in a land vehicle …