Ultimate Chobe Safari: An African Jacana Dad and his Chicks

Ben’s News from the Ultimate Chobe Safari: 

It was our final morning on the river and we were keen to get some really unforgettable shots of African Jacanas, and maybe some Pygmy Geese as well, although the latter are notoriously shy.

We travelled to the Water-lily area, passing elephants, hippos and crocodiles along the way. 

We spent ages photographing the Jacanas and Pygmy Geese. One male had a brood of chicks that hung about on the grass, not venturing to the water, until dad went and picked them up under his wings to transport them safely to some sturdy lily-pads. Maybe he chose the wrong lily, because as he arrived with his chicks, a territorial dispute broke out with another very indignant male Jacana. 

The remainder of the Jacanas and the Pygmy Geese went about their own business, flying from one lily-pad to another, feeding, and making sure that no-one encroached on their territory.

                                                                           Wildlife - African Jacana 01-1

As we headed back toward the Lodge we spotted a Fish Eagle bathing in the river. As we arrived she flew up into a dead tree where she spread her wings, giving them a shake from time to time, and sat there emulating a Darter, and waited for her wings to dry.

African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) landing

After a very brief stop at another spot for Pygmy Geese and Jacanas, we found that it was time to return to the Lodge to pack up – and make our farewells.

I am so looking forward to the next safari …