Two Lion Sightings with Three Kills during our Okavango Photo Safari

Brendon Reports from Mombo in the Okavango Delta:

After flying to the Delta, we arrived during the afternoon and after refreshments and a quick briefing we set out on our first game drive for this safari.

And we had an amazing start ..

First, we had not travelled far when we found two young male lions with three adult lionesses next to their Kudu kill. They were all very full and not inclined to do anything other than flop on the ground while keeping an occasional wary eye on their kill. What a fabulous first sighting that was!

Because they were quite inactive we took a number of photographs and left. Not far from there we came across a lioness who had caught not one, but two impala. She was lying in the open also watching her kills and ensuring that no scavengers came close.

As we drove around we found a herd of buffalo, and numerous herds of elephants as well as plenty of other game. The bird life is spectacular even though the Delta is exceptionally dry for this time of year. Usually it is far more flooded and we should be traversing puddles and streams. Let’s hope the rains are not far ….

We have heard that there is a pride of lions with small cubs in the vicinity and we would like to try and find them in the morning …