Two Leopard Kills …

Dawie Shares from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Safari:

When we left in the morning our aim was to find leopards or maybe lions again. We saw plenty of Zebras and giraffes, and as always there we elephants around almost every corner.

We made our way to where we previously saw the mother leopard with her cub, but we could not even find tracks. Then to our surprise and delight we found a different female leopard. She had made a kill moments before and was dragging the corpse to a riverine area. We photographed her as she dragged the impala into a thick, inaccessible, very safe area. The impala was fully grown, large, and a challenge for the leopard to negotiate through the foliage.

When we returned to the Lodge we spotted birds drinking and bathing at the pool and spent some time there with our cameras.

We returned directly to the leopard with the kill in the afternoon, hoping that she would be more visible.


She was on the ground with her impala kill. We managed some superb closeups before we left her to check the area for other interesting possibilities before we returned to her again.

But what? She was gone! And there was no sign of the impala carcass either. We were somewhat bemused and looked around carefully. Maybe she went to drink water – but no! She was not at the neighbouring waterholes either.

Then we received a call about the other leopard with the cub. She had caught a Scrub Hare and now carried it into a tree. She looked brilliant in the spotlight and we filled what memory we had left in our cameras before it was time to return to the Lodge.

In the morning we plan to start with a search for the leopard with her cub again …