Tiny Lion Cubs and Later a Cheetah Kill in Front of our Vehicle …

Wim’s Update from the Savute Elephant Lodge on the Okavango Savute & Chobe Photo Tour:
(Photos Courtesy of and Thanks to UliHB))

As we left camp we spotted Wild Dog tracks and started to follow them. They led us along the Savute Channel and we could see that we were just moments behind them. Sometimes a vehicle would disappear up ahead and when we turned the bend, dog tracks would cover the vehicle tracks. But we just could not catch up with them. The dogs were hunting and running swiftly in and out of the bushes, but as I said, they eluded us.

Then we found fresh lion tracks and followed those instead all the way past Marabou Pan.

Eventually we found four lionesses and to our delight they were accompanied by five of the cutest little one month old cubs and two baby cubs less than a week old. Their eyes had just opened. The two tiny cubs just wanted to be with their mother and each time they were separated even for a short second or two, they would cry for her, and then suckle when she moved close again. It was wonderful to watch the family interaction with the tender care of the little cubs while the more robust one month old cubs romped and staggered around as they played and suckled alternately.

We stopped for a coffee break and returned to the Lodge for a delicious lunch. On the way we weren’t really paying much attention to our surroundings as the thought of lunch had all our attention. We almost missed a leopard sitting in a wide open area only about twenty meters from the road. We stopped for photographs as the sighting was so superb.

This afternoon we decided to return to the lions. On the way, we had just passed the old airstrip when we found a female leopard. She was stalking some game and we remained with her for a while.

Then we heard that cheetahs had been spotted not far away and we decided to detour that way before continuing to the lions.

We found the cheetahs close to Marabou Pan and as we arrived the cheetahs broke cover, ran across an open area and pulled down an impala right in front of our vehicle.

We hardly had time to aim our cameras, it was all that quick. It all happened about thirty meters from us, and the kill was so fast that we hardly had time to register what had happened before it was all over.

We remained with the feeding cheetahs until it was time to return to the Lodge, and decided that we would continue our trip to the lions with their little cubs again in the morning …