Three Leopards, Three Hunts, One Kill …

Dawie’s News from Khwai River Lodge on the Okavango Savute & Chobe Photo Tour:
(Photos from back of Dawie’s Camera)

We were out again in the early morning darkness, anxious to get going as early as possible to maximise our time here.

We started at the nearby hyena den where three of the youngsters were romping around, chasing one another, and mischievously hiding and jumping out on anything that moved. They were so cute to watch! Eventually they were exhausted and went to suckle and then fell asleep.

There were lion tracks not far from the den and we followed these to a thick Mopane area where we found a fairly large pride moving about. The visibility wasn’t great in the thick Mopane bush so we took a few photos and then moved on.

The Plains animals as always are plentiful and we photographed lechwe, kudus, impalas, and plenty of zebras.

We headed back towards the Lodge and spotted a leopard hunting in a grassy area.


We followed her as she first followed a herd of impala for a while and then she suddenly put on a burst of speed and within seconds she had her prize – a francolin. She carried it to a nearby bush where she settled down to eat.

After a rest back at the Lodge we set out again and within less than ten minutes we encountered a beautiful leopard. She is distinguished by her lovely blue eyes that give her an especially fabulous look. In fact her name is Blue-Eyes. She was sitting in longish grass on an open plain. We followed her for a while as she hunted until she spotted a herd of impala and immediately went into hunting mode. Because the area where she was hunting is covered with shrubs we decided not to follow her as we realised that our presence would interfere with the hunt.

We left the leopard to hunt and went in search of Wild Dogs. On the way we saw giraffes crossing a channel and we stopped to photograph them as they leaped and splashed across the water. They were very nervous and the splashing water made them even more anxious.

On the way back to the camp we saw another leopard stalking impala. It was exciting as always to watch, although once again it was a failed hunt.

This evening we are being treated by the Lodge with a special dinner in a boma out in the bush. What an amazing experience, with the smells and sounds of the African bush all around and the glittering stars in an inky black sky above. Who could ask for more!

And in the morning we would like to find one of those leopards again and hopefully they will decide to hunt again …