Three Different Cat Species on our First short Game Drive …

Wim Shares News from the Okavango Photo Safari:

We arrived at Chitabe camp after a pleasant flight, and although it was already 15:30 by the time we landed, our cameras were ready for action. As soon as we arrived at the stunning, brand-new camp at Chitabe we checked in and gave ourselves only a few minutes to down a delicious high tea before we were set to start our first game drive.

We were very keen to follow up on reports of a cheetah sighting during the morning, and with this in mind we drove to the relevant area. And yes! There they were! Three cheetahs together – a mother with her two subadult cubs. As the sun was close to the horizon the lighting was perfect, golden and warm. We photographed the cats until we received a report about lions close by.

We moved on from the cheetahs and found two male lions lying peacefully under a tree. Because the duo was fast asleep we decided to stop for a quick sundowner at a beautiful, scenic, open spot. We watched as the sun dipped below the horizon as we chatted and marvelled at the beauty around us.

On our drive back to the camp we were lucky enough to come across a Civet. What a start to our safari! Three different cat species on one very short game drive.

Back at the camp we are ready for dinner and then an early night to prepare for our very early start in the morning …