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Three Cheetah Cubs Alone?

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour:

After another phenomenal day it is difficult to know where to begin.

So let us start with our early breakfast at the camp. Then our game drive started and we could hardly believe how many zebras there were. They were everywhere and around every corner – thousands of them.

Then to our amazement we spotted three tiny cheetah cubs in the road. They were alone. All three looked at us as our cameras captured their cuteness. Then they dashed into the grass next to the road where we saw their mother after about ten seconds. She was walking along next to the road. The little ones tumbled over each other as they tried to keep up with her. We followed, photographing each adorable interaction until all four disappeared into a Mopane thicket.

We traveled around, stopping frequently when good photographic subjects appeared such as Red Hartebeest, Oryx, Springbok – and more Zebras.

It was almost midday when we found four large Elephant bulls walking towards a waterhole. We watched as they bathed in the cool water and then dusted themselves with the surrounding sand. They looked quite ghostlike and very beautiful with the white Etosha sand covering them. We positioned ourselves to photograph them walking together towards us. What fabulous photographs those turned out to be. Four huge males, covered in white sand – just fabulous!

After a shortish lunch break back at the camp we set out for our afternoon drive. After cruising around for a while we stopped at a waterhole to see what animals would visit for an afternoon drink. And they arrived, herd after herd! Oryx, Zebra, Impala, and Wildebeest all took their turns. In between the animals there were plenty of birds, including Bateleurs and Kori Bustards.

We were about to return to the camp when a Black Rhino arrived for a drink, so we simply had to delay for photographs and to watch him as he drank his fill.

On the way back to the camp we saw another herd of elephants and arrived back ready for dinner and to check our photographs from our very productive day.

Tomorrow we may start at one of the waterholes to catch the dawn visitors …

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