The Jaguars of Pantanal Tour: Seven Jaguars …

Ben’s News from The Jaguar: Seven Jaguars …

First, apologies for not posting a blog yesterday … we had no wifi or Internet access for 36 hours … so here we go with two fabulous days to report –

We have seen no fewer than 7 – yes 7 – different Jaguars during this time and some of the cats we saw more than once.

It started two days back when we set out on the river and quickly found a handsome male jaguar. This was Luis Claudio who had kept a very low profile and has not been spotted for more than 3 years. It was wonderful to see him walking along the riverbank, and although the sightings as he periodically emerged from the undergrowth were brief, it was a thrill to see him.

We heard that two Jaguars had been spotted together, and we arrived to find a mating pair. The male, Jorge, and his partner, Ferdinanda, we behaving like all big cats when honeymooning, and we witnessed them mating several times in the next few hours.

7 Mating Jaguars Ben BOC 1-1

Actually, we didn’t leave the couple until sunset and it was absolutely necessary to return to the Flotel. So, we spent the whole day with the pair as they mated, then disappeared into the forest, and emerged again as they strolled along before stopping again.

It was fantastic, and we were quite convinced that there could not possibly be another day like that! But the next day equalled our fabulous experiences.

We left the Flotel early to find the mating couple again, and we’re on our way when we spotted a huge jaguar. This was Adriano – all of 150kg! We had seen him on our safari here last year and it was wonderful to follow up again. We had a stupendous sighting as he ambled along the riverbank, giving us plenty of time to capture really superb images.

When he disappeared we continued on to Jorge and Ferdinanda. It was about 0800 when we found them – and again we spent the entire day with them. During this time we captured images of them together, individually, mating, walking, batting each other, portrait shots – you name it!

7 2 Jaguars Ben BOC 2-1

7 2 Jaguars Ben BOC 3-1


Then just as we were preparing to leave at the end of the day another male jaguar arrived on the opposite bank from the couple. He had picked up Ferdinanda’s scent, and detecting that she was in oestrus, he followed her. This was Jas-t, who was quite shy and retiring, but we managed quite a few decent shots before he melted away into the forest.

Then on the way home, when the light was really perfect and we hoped for something good to photograph in that golden glow, we found Patricia and Hunter, the mother and daughter Jaguars we had seen before. They were sitting serenely on the edge of the river, watching the water as the sun set, and surrounded by the beautiful riverine forest. It was magical!

So we returned to the Flotel with our cameras filled with a variety of the most wonderful  jaguar images, showing all types of different behaviours.

Who could wish for more?

And tomorrow waits for us …

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