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Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour

We dashed off before dawn to pick up our cameras that we had left over night at Dead Vlei. Apprehension! What would our photos be like? Would they be successful? We arrived and peeked anxiously. Aaah! Brilliant! Our star trails turned out even better than we had hoped.

We remained at Dead Vlei to photograph the rising sun and the vibrant, almost dazzling colours. The red dunes glowed in the early light, and the dark tree silhouettes against those dunes looked fabulous.

The morning was rather misty, and that created a different, moody aspect to our pics.

We remained until all the trees were in bright sunlight and no longer suitable for the type of photography we were after. We returned to the Lodge for a meal and to relax for a while after that ultra early morning start.

When we went out again this afternoon we were lucky enough to enjoy multiple sightings of both oryx and springbok. The animals were running through the dunes. The oryx spent quite some time duelling. They locked those fearsome horns and sparred with one another. It seemed miraculous than none appeared to be injured, and after an encounter, all would end in peace and the two contestant trotted off together.

All in all the day was superb again. Tomorrow some guests have planned an early helicopter trip, and when they return we travel to our next destination … the picturesque town of Swakopmund …

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