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More Star Photography – and a Cooperative Oryx

Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour

Everyone was so delighted with the results of our star photography and star trails that we simply had to make a plan again. It was too far to return to Dead Vlei, so we decided to set up our cameras closer to the Lodge where beautiful dunes dominate the skyline. So that is what we did – we went out and after a bit of star photography we set up our gear for star trails, and then returned to the Lodge.

Even before we retrieved our cameras one of our Tusk guests left for his two hour helicopter tour of the area. He returned absolutely delighted with the amazing sightings and photography during those hours. He saw numerous herds of oryx, many zebra herds, and had a thoroughly memorable, stupendous time. He focused on wildlife, and returned with great images.

The remainder of our group went out to retrieve our cameras and once again our results are fabulous.

Everyone is delighted!

Then, to add to this, because the morning was so beautiful and luck was on our side, we were able to photograph oryx and springbok all the way back to the Lodge. At one stage we came across a very relaxed oryx. He didn’t mind our presence at all and we were able to grab our cameras and get out of the vehicle to lie flat on the ground. From that perspective and with the dunes behind him, we captured some shots of the animal that we are all very proud to add to our growing collections.

After checking out of the Lodge we drove to Swakopmund. We arrived and settled into our beach hotel. We are enjoying the beautiful view with sundowners before we move to the dining room for dinner.

After those late nights and early mornings in Sossusvlei we plan to enjoy an early night especially as we have a full programme waiting for us tomorrow …

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