Snow Monkeys: Ice-creams in the Snow

News from Wim:

Straight after our filling, delicious breakfast, we were ready for the walk up to the Monkey Park. The weather was somewhat warmer today and at 5 deg the monkeys were out of the pools, rushing everywhere, playing, jumping and climbing everything in sight.

In addition, the sunlight today seemed to have a special quality and as it filtered through the trees, the effect was quite breathtaking.

We used different photographic techniques again to make the most of our final day with the macaques. Side lighting, back lighting, rim lighting and fill-in flash combined with the glorious sunlight to create an almost infinite number of different images.

                                       photo 4

Our delectable lunch at the inn was relaxing, filled with jokes and anecdotes as we relaxed on the tatami mats on the floor.

                                                                    photo 1

Incredibly, the afternoon light was even more glorious than the morning and the boisterous antics of the monkeys as they squabbled, played and fooled around were totally captivating. The air rang with the laughter of onlookers as constant amusing incidents erupted.

                     photo 5

People watching was almost as absorbing!

           photo 2

On the way back to our lodge at the end of the day we stopped to enjoy an ice-cream! Yes, an ice-cream in the snow!

                                    photo 3

And now we are on our way to the relaxing, warm onsen before dinner.

Tomorrow we leave for Hokkaido …