From Savute Wild Dogs to Chobe River Wildlife …

Dawie’s News from the Savute Elephant Lodge on the Okavango Savute & Chobe Photo Tour:
(Thanks to UliHB for Lion Images – Wild Dogs from back of Dawie’s Camera)

This morning was our last drive at Savute before we left for Kasane. We split up again as some guests preferred to do the journey by air while others preferred and enjoyed the drive.

The morning game drive was really great with fabulous sightings. Almost immediately after we left the Lodge we spotted Wild Dogs. When we found them they were running about and with the lovely morning light we positioned ourselves to make the most of the sighting. Occasionally we took backlit shots while at other times the sun lit the dogs beautifully for us.

We spent more than an hour with the dogs and at that stage some of our number had to leave. The other half of the group wanted more lion pictures so we returned to the pride with the cubs. We found them easily again. They were moving through the grass and we were able to collect some lovely images before we also had to leave.

We arrived at Kasane shortly after lunch and after a briefing we were on the boats for our first river excursion.

The sightings were really awesome. We saw numerous hers of elephants along the banks, swimming in the river, playing and drinking. We also saw buffalo resting on the river banks and then we stopped to enjoy the antics of a troop of baboons. They were jumping up and down a bank, chasing each other, and having great fun in the late afternoon sun. A herd of kudu milled around while impala rams sparred and locked horns. There was so much to see, it was difficult at times to decide where to point our cameras.

We came upon African Skimmers on an island where they have numerous nests. They flew up and down, and regularly swooped down to the river to scoop water in the skimming way that gives them their descriptive name.

After such a fabulous introduction to the river, we are all keen to get going again in the morning as early as we will be allowed …