Sabi Sand Photo Safari: Tiyane Entertains us with Kittenish Antics …

Ben Reports from the Sabi Sand Photo Safari at Elephant Plains:
(Photos From Back of Ben’s Camera)

Well, today was our last full day on this safari at the Sabi Sand Reserve, and we all were really hoping for a great day. And is was! Even though the day was heavily overcast, raint at times, and very dull.

We started this morning with a pride of lions … the same pride with seventeen members that we saw yesterday. They were lying sprawled out on the airstrip, where we had to use our flashes because of the poor light.

When they moved into the bush on the side of the airstrip we nipped around and placed ourselves in a position to watch the lions as they walked towards us. When they walked up to and then filed right past us we had the opportunity for some close walk-by shots.

We drove around for a while and stopped for a coffee break, where hornbills flew back and forth around us.

It rained for much of the day but not long before it was time to set out for our afternoon game drive the rain stopped, the heavens cleared and the light improved dramatically.

We searched for the lions but they had disappeared, and while we were looking around we received a call that Tiyane had been found. The young leopard was moving through some rather difficult bush. We followed and collected some lovely shots. She was being her usual cute self and entertained us (and provided great photographic material) as she jumped after squirrels, leaped into trees, and behaved in a typically delightful kittenish way. She walked through the grass, through a gully and then out again, always sprightly and playful. We had to leave to make way for another vehicle, but then returned to her as soon as we could. When we returned we used our spotlights for portraits, side-list shots, and back-lit shots, as well as photos of her as she playfully walked along.

Eventually we had to return to the Lodge for dinner. We hope that we will be able to see leopards and lions again during our final drive in the morning before we head home …