Sabi Sand Photo Safari: Salayexe vs her Daughter – and a Second Surprise ..

Kobus Reports from the Sabi Sand Photo Safari at Elephant Plains:

Well! Well! Well! Who would have believed it – I can hardly believe it myself! But let me start at the beginning of another stupendous day ..

As we left the Lodge this morning we found a Side-striped Jackal. Right there on our doorstep. We decided that that would be a portend of a great day ahead. And wow! It really was exactly that!

The hyena clan members were out in full force at the hyena den, giving us plenty of entertainment and so much to photograph that I saw filled memory cards being switched.

And today we saw four leopards. The most enthralling sighting was of Salayexe and one of her offspring.

They are each trying to claim the same territory, and the territorial battles can become quite fierce. Salayexe, ever the smarter and wiliest of leopards chased the young lady up a tree and then sat at the base, keeping guard and by the time we left she showed no sign of letting the youngster down to freedom!

And then – an unbelievable end to the day when we spotted a Pangolin again. Maybe it was the same one – we are not sure, but it was amazing to have two sightings of this rarely seen creature in just two days.

So as you can imagine, spirits here are very high, and we cannot help congratulating ourselves on the sightings and the amazing time we are experiencing …

Tomorrow is our final day here and we are all holding our breath – can another day possibly be as fabulous and successful yet again? …