Sabi Sand Photo Safari: A Leopard Finds Two Lionesses with a Kill …

Sabi Sand Photo Safari: A Leopard Finds Two Lionesses with a Kill …

Brendon Reports from the Sabi Sand Photo Safari at Elephant Plains:

(Photos from Back of Brendon’s Camera)

As we left the Lodge early this morning we wondered if another day could possibly match our experiences and excitement of the previous days.

We headed towards Big Dam because there is a lot of leopard activity in the area at the moment. We found so many tracks, and followed and followed, losing tracks and finding others, but we continued with dogged determination … until eventually we discovered a young female up in a tree. It was so rewarding to find her. There was a brilliant blue sky behind her, and she lay on a nicely exposed branch. She is young and healthy and we spent quite some time photographing her. To our delight she got up, stretched, and then came down from the tree, giving us a chance to capture climbing down shots. We followed her as she walked through the bush but had to give up after a while as it was time to return to the Lodge.

While we were tracking this morning we of course saw plenty of general game like giraffe, zebra, impala, as well as two rhino, and many elephants. The latter seem to be everywhere here at the moment.

This afternoon we again saw plenty of giraffe, zebra, and elephants. And like this morning we saw another two rhinos.

A call came in about a large male leopard, so we dashed off to see him. He was lying down when we reached him, doing nothing, so we left him for a while, deciding to return a little later.

We returned to the leopard around sunset. He was up, and we took out our spotlights to photograph him as he walked around.

He is a very large, strong specimen, and interesting to follow. Especially when he walked into two lionesses. The lionesses had a new impala kill and were feeding busily when he arrived. We wondered what would happen … but the encounter was uneventful. He spotted the lionesses, but they were totally unaware of his proximity. They concentrated on feeding while the leopard quietly snuck away. He probably heard the sounds of the kill, and maybe thought it was another leopard … and not many leopards would be a match for this guy! He went to lie down not too far away.

So all in all we had another great day with some fabulous sightings and very successful photography again. It is the last game drive for this group in the morning – maybe we will look for the leopard again …