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Sabi Sand Photo Safari at Elephant Plains: Mother Leopard with her Three Month Old Cub…

Hendri’s News from the Sabi Sand Photo Safari at Elephant Plains:

(Photos from Back of Hendri and Brendon’s Cameras)

After the fabulous days and sighting that we have enjoyed over the last few days, we wondered what the day would have in store for us as we set out from the Lodge. Well!, we were in for yet another superb day! …

We started by searching for any sign of a leopard or any cat, but as we could see no trace of any of them we thought it may be fun to visit the hyena den.

We arrived at the den just as the sun was beginning to rise and tiger they were! All the pups were out, playing and cavorting in those very first rays of the sun, and having a hilarious time. We spent and entertaining and often very amusing time as the pups rolled around, tried to catch each other and anything that moved, and seemed to simple enjoy being active and often mischievous.

Soon after we left the hyena den we bumped into that large male leopard, Anderson. He always looks so imposing and he was actually high on our wish list to see, so ticking him off our list was a plus. I guess that everyone hopes to see Anderson because of his intimidating size. We followed the large leopard until he disappeared into some bushes and we could no longer follow him.

And it felt like moments later that we found a pack of Wild Dogs. They were out on the airstrip, so visibility was perfect. As if that were not enough, they spotted some impala and started to chase them. But to no avail – the impala disappeared quickly.

4 EP May 2017 1

Now, that was not the end of our morning … there was another fabulous sighting waiting for us. This time we saw a mother leopard and her three month old cub. They were visible, but quite obscured by long grass, so although the sighting was amazing and we all enjoyed seeing the two together, photography opportunities were not the best.

4 EP May 2017 3

We returned to the Lodge feeling really lucky. We had seen so much on that one drive. Would our luck hold for the afternoon drive as well? Of course!

We set out and decided to return to the mother leopard with her cub. However, because the cub is so small, viewing is even more restricted than usual and we had to wait. We drove around and photographed plenty of general game, also herds of elephants and a White Rhino.

We arrived at the leopard and her cub just at sunset. This time the two were sitting on a log, and although still a little obscured by grass, we could see them quite well. Because of the setting sun we used flash photography, but because the cub is small, we did not try our spotlights.

4 EP May 2017 2

When we moved on, we though it may be worthwhile to see if the lions at the kill that we spotted a few days ago were still there. They were there and because it was pitch dark, we used the spotlights from different angles to create interesting and striking images.

It was difficult to believe that time had passed so quickly and we were quite surprised when we realised that it was already time to return to the Lodge. Wow, time certainly flies here!

In the morning we would like to return to the mother and cub again …




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