A ‘Quiet’ Day with Two Leopards …

Brendon’s News from Elephant Plains on the Sabi Sand Photo safari:

Well, the weather certainly changed things here at Elephant Plains. When we left the Lodge in the morning we wanted to check up on leopards but with the cold front that moved in sightings of predators were very scarce. We concentrated on general game and birds for a while.

And we did find a female leopard eventually after quite a lengthy search. She had been spotted earlier but disappeared. We checked the area thoroughly as we drove in circles and zig-zagged back and forth. Luckily for us our patience and persistence was rewarded when the leopard emerged from the bush, and we could capture some really decent photographs.

In the afternoon we started with a search for the same leopard but she was gone. There was no sign of her so we continued with our game drive.

We saw a small herd of elephants …

… and then found rhino. One particularly large rhino bull was walking around in an open plain where he was ideally placed for photography.

It was also very rewarding to come across a few buffalo. They are scarce in this area at the moment, and we thoroughly enjoyed the sighting. Of course our cameras were very busy capturing them from every angle, especially as the late afternoon golden sun was perfect for those special photographs that everyone aims to incorporate in their collections.

It was getting dark when we spotted some really fresh leopard tracks. In fact they were so new that it was a matter of moments before we were able to catch up with a female leopard. She had flopped down next to the road and was resting for a while before she started her evening activities.

7 IMG_0999Leopard

So all in all, although the weather is not on our side, we ended up having quite a decent day and have returned to the Lodge with cameras filled with excellent, memorable shots.

Hopefully the weather will warm up in time for our morning game drive …