When Playful Tiger Cubs Become Too Much for Their Mother …

Ben’s Update from Ranthambore on the Tigers of India Photo Tour:

We were at the gates and ready for a full day in Ranthambore by 06.00 this morning and only left when the gates closed again this evening at 18.30.

And this really paid off … we saw a total of seven different tigers and photographed them in a whole variety of terrains. It was amazing!

Our photography included a number of tigers bathing in streams and rocks pools. The temperature was 41degC for much of the day and we almost envied the tigers as they sought relief from the heat of the day in the cool, inviting water.

We found a female with her 2 1/2 year old son as they walked through a dry deciduous forest. The cub is almost old enough to be kicked out by mom to make his own way in the world, and it was lovely to watch the two together as they made their way to a cave under a beautiful rock wall where they rested out of the sun.

We spent a lot of time with a legendary female tiger in the park. Her name is Krishna and she currently has three little five month old cubs. She had clearly made a kill recently and has been feeding well as her belly was very full indeed. We were delighted to find her as she has not been seen for several days. She separated herself from her very boisterous, playful cubs so that she could relax and enjoy some peace and quiet (like mothers everywhere)! We saw the cubs but without their mother close by they were rather shy and timidly kept themselves quite hidden, while mom distanced herself and rested in the shade, cooling off in a large handy puddle in.

Because we could see that Krishna was reluctant to move now that she had found peace, quiet and coolness, we decided to search further. It was not long before we came across another female tiger. She was busily on the move as she inspected her territory and scent marked as she made her way along. Then she, too, spotted a rock pool under a rock face, with the roots of a large Banyan tree draped over the rock. It took only a moment before she submerged her hot self in the cool, refreshing water.

There she started to groom, and yawn widely while enjoying the sharp cold of the water.

We remained with the female for some time, and when she left the pool we followed her until she disappeared into some thick vegetation. We tried to predict where she would emerge again and waited patiently for her, but not for long as it was time for us to depart the park.

In the morning we want to be at the gates of the park by opening time so that we can find the tiger named Krishna with her three cubs …