Phinda: Rhinos on Rhino Day and a Lion Kill Right Next to Our Camp

By September 23, 2013 Phinda No Comments

Hilton Shares:

Another grey day greeted us as we left the camp this morning, but after yesterday’s experiences we were ready for any and all action.

We started searching for the cheetah with the cubs from yesterday, but were totally distracted by a White Rhino with a small calf. As today is Rhino Day we spent ages photographing the two, capturing some very satisfactory images of them close to a dam where they stopped for a drink. We also got some panning shots of the two as they trotted off together.


We moved to the marsh area hoping to find a coalition of two male cheetahs. We found their tracks, and started to follow them when we found a large herd of buffalo that needed some photographic action.

On the way back to the camp for breakfast we found the cheetahs that we had set out to find early in the morning. The mother with her two subadult cubs were lying peacefully in an open area, and other than sitting up from time to time and then promptly lying down again we could see that they were not planning any action for the next few hours.


The same could not be said for the North Pride of lions! We found them about 150 meters from the camp where they had killed a buffalo calf during the morning and were feeding hungrily.

Our stop to photograph the lions kept us busy for some time. When we saw that they had finished eating and were now heading to the waterhole for a drink, this was scripted just for us! Great timing! The waterhole is situated at the camp and is overlooked by the area where breakfast is served.

So we returned to the Camp and indeed, we enjoyed our breakfast while watching the lions a few meters away at the waterhole! Who could ask for more!?

We visited the mother cheetah with her cubs again this afternoon, hoping that they would decide to hunt, but as they were exactly where we had left them earlier, we moved on to the marsh area where we found the two male cheetahs.

We have very keen birders on this safari and all are working on increasing their bird lists. So imagine how thrilled they were today when they were able to tick off:
Red-throated Twinspot
Neergaard’s Sunbird
Red-fronted Tinkerbird
The wish list is shrinking and there are some residents that everyone is hoping to see in the next days.

We stopped again to photograph the lions next to the camp and now we are settling down under a sparkling sky (yes, it is clear!) for a sumptuous dinner.

We left the two male cheetahs on a dam wall in the marsh area and hope to catch up with them there just before dawn …