Phinda: News Flash! Drama!

Hilton’s Dramatic News Flash:

The Chef read out the menu for our evening meal. Starters, salads … a shout – an urgent shout! One of the security guards called urgently!


We couldn’t quite hear?

He dashed up to us!

The lions!

Yes, we know ..

No, they are here ..

Yes, just beyond ..

No!!! His urgency reached us. They are INSIDE the fence … there!!!

We looked aghast. There were the lions … maybe 10 meters away. 

Slowly, quietly we walked to the vehicles which were closer than any buildings. We clambered onto the vehicles, aware that the pride often sees vehicles around and does not associate them with a handy meal.

Hearts thudding and wide-eyed we sat there … and of course within seconds our cameras were out – and busy.



The lions are still here as we settle down to our delayed dinner … this time we are inside the dining room, still wide-eyed from that amazing experience, and somewhat shaken!

Now that we are safe (and my pulse rate is approaching a somewhat normal level) – I wouldn’t have missed it for anything ….