Phinda: Lions and Cheetahs dominate our day

Andrew’s News:

We headed northward this morning hoping to find the North Pride of Lions. We found their tracks soon enough and followed – and followed – and followed – and followed some more –
– and then we found them!
What a wonderful sight. There were three females, one male and six cubs aged about nine moths.
They were finishing the remains of an Nyala kill with the cubs intermittently eating, playing, chasing one another, tumbling around and having fun.
We spent the whole morning with the pride and when they moved on we followed, again able to get photos of the cubs playing and harrying the adults.
This afternoon we headed to the North again – to the Marsh area.
We found a coalition of two male cheetahs lying on a prominent termite mound, and spent ages with them with our cameras working overtime as we captured image after image of the beautiful pair.
We were very keen to find rhino and set off in search of a sighting. Luck was on our side as we found two white rhino drinking at a dam and with plentiful game such as wildebeest, zebras, impala and giraffe close by.
As the sun began to set we returned to the cheetahs. When we arrived they had moved to a large earth mound.
This gave us the opportunity to get lovely unobstructed photographs – this time using spotlights to get front lit, side lit, rim shots and silhouettes.
We returned to the camp this evening delighted with our very successful day and already looking forward to the morning excursion …