Phinda: Black – and White Rhinos together.

By September 25, 2013 Phinda No Comments

From Hilton:

We wanted to reach the Marsh area as early as possible hoping to find the two male cheetahs hunting. They have looked quite hungry in the past days.

But on the way there we were delayed for almost the whole morning when we found two black rhinos. They were very relaxed and were totally unperturbed by our presence. Not only that, they were in a large wide open plain, giving us splendid opportunities for some lovely photographs in the golden light of the sunrise. 


As the two black rhinos strolled across the plain we were quite taken aback to see two large figures arrive and stroll onto the same plain. Two white rhinos! Imagine our total delight! And we filled our memory cards with images of each group, then photos with both white and black rhinos together in one shot! What a fabulous sighting – we are thrilled!

We found the North pride of lions about a kilometre from the camp, next to a small dam. They were finishing a meal and we could see the remains of a warthog and an Nyala. A double kill during the course of the morning. Now, having eaten well they were settling down for a noontime siesta.

The birders requested some intensive birding action for the afternoon, and again we were able to spot some gems and tick off (and photograph):
Narina Trogon
Pale Flycatcher
Dusky Flycatcher

There is such a density of game here that one seldom ventures far without seeing a variety of animals.

At one stop at a dam this afternoon for example I photographed lions in the foreground, with rhino, warthogs and giraffe in the background. And if I pointed my camera in any direction I could see multiple species in one frame. 

We stopped at the North pride again on the way back to camp. They were still resting peacefully but we saw both Side-striped Jackals and Black-backed Jackals a few meters away, hoping to get closer to the remains.


We are planning a really early start tomorrow as it is the final day of this safari. Maybe we will reach the cheetahs this time …