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Dawie’s Update from the Namibia Landscapes & Wildlife Photo Tour

We had an early breakfast before we arrived at Walvis Bay where are chartered boat waited for us. We clambered on board, cameras and gear all ready and then went out to sea for a lovely long trip that lasted for about five hours.

And wow! Was that ever fabulous. Once again words simply fail me – everyone enjoyed every moment so much! There were nonstop photographic opportunities and our cameras were kept busy for the whole journey.

Pelicans flew around the boat. We could photograph them with different lenses and from every possible angle.

Out came wide angle and different long lenses. It seemed at times that the Pelicans actually enjoyed the attention, they were so cooperative. There were also cormorants, gulls, and plenty of other bird species. There is plenty of fishing here, and the wildlife associates boats with food that they can pilfer.

We spent time with Seals that jumped up and down next to the boat and played in the water around us. Then a small drama erupted when our skipper threw a few fish overboard, causing an intense competition between Seals and Pelicans. The Seals tried to chase the Pelicans while the Pelicans tried to outsmart the Seals. The interaction was amusing and gave us many fine photographs.

As we traveled close to the beach we saw two Black-backed Jackals on the beach. They were strolling along slowly and we were able to photograph them from the boat.

Then it was our turn to be spoiled. Out came platters of sea foods – including oysters and different snacks, and we filled up before we returned to the hotel to download memory cards and recharge batteries.

Then it was time to go out again. We photographed the flamingoes along the Lagoon at Walvis Bay. It was so beautiful! The birds flew back and forth, and gathered in groups. We spent the whole afternoon with them before we returned to enjoy a very welcome and delicious dinner at a restaurant in Swakopmund.

Now we are ready for bed and too exhausted to even think about the interesting and very different activities planned for tomorrow …

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