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Our Picturesque Travels to Serengeti …

Brendon Reports from the Serengeti on the Ndutu & Serengeti Photo Safari:

Greetings from a magnificent setting in the beautiful legendary Serengeti. We arrived here today, excited and looking forward to exciting, photographically rewarding days ahead.

Our flight left Johannesburg at 02:00 bound for Nairobi. From there we boarded a small plane for a very scenic flight to Kilimanjaro. The views to the majestic mountain were breathtaking and our cameras were very busy indeed. It was an exceptionally bright, clear day with none of the usual cloud coverings and we had magnificent views of the mountain peak.

From the tiny airport at Kilimanjaro we flew on to the Serengeti, and finally, after very beautiful sightseeing, we jumped into our vehicles to transport us to the Lodge – well, actually it turned out to be a fabulous first game drive through the reserve. The area teemed with general game and again our cameras did not stop. Zebra, Cokes Hartebeest (Kongoni), Thomson Gazelles, and Grant’s Gazelles grazed peacefully.

The bird life was equally rich and among many others we saw Pygmy Falcons and beautiful Sunbirds that are unique to this area.

Then we spotted two lions – a male with a lioness. They rested in the shade of a bush, and although it wasn’t the clearest sighting, it was fabulous to see predators before we even arrived at the camp.

When we finally arrived, everyone was tired and thoroughly enjoyed our evening sundowners and dinner. In the morning we would like to be out before sunrise to go in search of the predators that are busy during those hours …

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