Our Masai Mara Migration Safari Starts – and It Is Fabulous! …

Brendon Reports from the Masai Mara Migration Photo Safari:

(Photos from Brendon’s Phone)

We arrived at our magnificent destination in time for lunch. Clouds bundled in a cobalt blue sky, and created a backdrop for our photography.

The half hour drive from the airport to the camp was amazing and we saw not only Plains animals but also many of the Big Five. We photographed Buffalo, Elephants and Lions and this was in addition to giraffe, hippos, hartebeest, plenty of wildebeest and zebra. That was just between the airstrip and the Lodge and gave us an inkling of what hopefully awaits us.

Our first actual game drive started after we checked in and had lunch and a quick briefing.

We saw plenty of wildebeest and zebra again, and when we checked the Mara River to see if there was any sign of a buildup of animals before they attempted a crossing, we did see a few clusters of wildebeest and zebra. However, as they approached the water, aware of the dangers lurking and waiting, they would put one hoof into the water and then bolt away as a ripple or disturbance in or out of the water spooked them. This pattern repeated itself again and again – with no actual crossings.

But we did photograph plenty of other animals. Zebras, giraffes, two large lions, a pride of lions with lionesses, young males and Cubs kept our cameras really busy. And when we found a Tawny Eagle eating a young Thomson’s Gazelle, you can imagine the photography! A herd of elephants on the open Plains looked wonderful in the afternoon light and at times we found it difficult to decide whether to concentrate on panning shots as wildebeest skittered around, or gazelles as they chased each other – or maybe we could concentrate on the scenery. The choices were endless and we all took full advantage of each moment.

In the morning we would like to check on the pride of lions before we check the river for crossings …