Our Final, Very Different Day at Jigokudani …

Ben’s News from Jigokudani on the Tusk Japan Wildlife Photo Tour:
(Photos from back of Ben’s Camera)

Unlike yesterday, today turned out to be sunny and surprisingly warm. This gave us totally different lighting and we certainly capitalised on every bright moment. On the down side, however, the effect of the weather on the Macaques meant that they did not need to seek the warmth of the pools, and in fact there were far fewer of them in and around the hot springs. Instead they could be seen in a large area around the pools, soaking up the direct warm rays of the sun.

However, the monkeys moved around non-stop, giving us plenty to concentrate on, and a small number could be seen in the warm waters at any time. In addition, many scampered around the edges of the springs while others leaped from branch to branch or from tree to tree, and some simply sat quietly and sunbathed.

In addition, excitement erupted from time to time when youngsters challenged one another. Grimacing, threats, and chases looked and sounded extra dramatic in the peaceful surroundings, and of course the photographic opportunities were endless.

Once again we returned to our hotel In the evening, tired and very pleased with the outcome of our stay here. Our evening onsen lasted a little longer than usual – probably because we all realised that the first leg of our Japanese venture was drawing to a close. Then with our kimonos tucked around us, we were more than ready for another delicious traditional meal.

In the morning the bus is due to pick us up after an early breakfast to leave this beautiful area and to travel to our next exciting destination …