Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour: Three Predator Groups and one Kill …

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Brendon Reports from Khwai River Lodge on the Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour:

We headed out and when we very quickly found lion tracks we followed these. We found the two lionesses in beautiful early morning golden light and were able to photograph them as they walked along to find a comfortable, cool spot to rest.

While we were photographing the two cats, everything was very relaxed and peaceful – but that changed in a split second when the lionesses leaped up together and bolted off at full speed. They had spotted the pack of Wild Dogs that had caught an impala on the far side of the river. Hyenas then stole the kill from the dogs. The dogs naturally objected angrily and very vociferously, and the lionesses, hearing the commotion were now investigating the cause of the fuss. But because the drama was unfolding on the far side of the river, the lionesses could do nothing about it.

But we captured as much as we could of the action. It was fabulous to be there with three major predators all focussed on the same kill.

We spent much of the morning concentrating on birds, elephants …

… and the other wildlife in this lush part of the world. Wattled Craned, Saddle-billed Storks, African Barred Owlets were particularly well placed for photography.

This afternoon we checked on the lionesses again, but as they were fast asleep where we left them this morning, we left to try and find a leopard again.

We passed a vehicle that informed us that they had seen a leopard across the river. So we went through the river and started to search the area, but the leopard was hiding and we actually went past where she lying flat in the grass a few times before she suddenly popped up. She was exactly where we had searched and checked and checked again many times. But anyway, there she was at last! A welcome sight!

The afternoon light was wonderful, and when she climbed a tree, we had everything we could wish for. We used our flash as the sun started to disappear.

On the way back to the Lodge we had another great sighting of a couple of hyenas. They looked quite fearsome in the darkness.

Tomorrow we have a final game drive here at Khwai before we move on to Savuti …