Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour: Getting Close to a Rare Bird …

Ben’s News from Chobe Safari Lodge on the Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour:

As planned we were on the river bright and early, and arrived at the rapids soon after sunrise. There is a Yellow-billed Storks in the colony there, with few active nests. Most of the chicks have fledged and dozens of them could be seen hanging around the rapids. They could be seen on the rocks, in the shallows, and flying around. There were loads of them. In addition Rock Pratincoles could be seen on the rocks.

A large crocodile sunbathed in the early, slanting rays of the sun.

From the rapids we headed west. We drifted really close to an island where we spotted buffalo feeding and drinking.

It was too early to look out for elephants as yet, and our next stop was at another small island with breeding African Skimmers. They were flying around busily, so we banked our boat, and practised our flight shots.

This afternoon we set out and found a Slaty Egret feeding at the edge of the water. It was the closest I have been to this bird for a very long time. It was feeding in the water with beautiful reflections from the yellow grass on the bank creating a gorgeous scene. We were quite close to the Egret and watched, delighted with the sighting as the bird caught small fish to eat.

There were more buffalo further along the river, and we started to keep our eyes open for well positioned elephants to photograph against the sunset. We found a herd and captured images with the dazzling sunset colours around them, we did silhouette shots and then used fill-in flags to capture the detail in the foreground.

After a great day on the river that everyone enjoyed, we would like to take the boat again tomorrow to travel in the opposite direction …