Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour: Our Final Morning at Savute …

Brendon Reports from the Savute Elephant Lodge on the Okavango, Savute, and Chobe Photo Tour:
(Photos: Courtesy of ULIHB – with Thanks)

We had a shorter final game drive in Savute, and decided that we would like to visit the lions again, especially as they were hunting when we last saw them.

We went through the Marsh to Marabou Pan. Although there was no sign of the lions we did manage to see elephants, zebra, wildebeest, and impala – all drinking together at the Waterhole. It was such a lovely sight to see and to photograph. To add to it, lots of Sandgrouse flew in and out and back and forth, adding to the beautiful scene.

As we ventured deeper into the marsh we found lions tracks to follow. They led us to the lions as they walked through the marsh. The whole pride was not together. The two large males and a couple of the youngsters were not there, but the other nine members of the pride were strolling along together, numbering seven adults and two cubs.

They were still hunting, very alert and on the lookout for prey. We spent a wonderful time with the lions as they looked around and at one stage climbed a large termite mound for a good look around. A always the cubs were just adorable …

One of the lionesses climbed a beautiful tree, and we were able to use the warm, golden light to photograph her in the tree while the remainder of the pride clustered below.

It was time to return to the Lodge and say our farewells to the guests that left us at that stage, while the remainder traveled on to Chobe Safari Lodge, where we are now. We drove through the Sand Ridge area, to the Chobe National Park, and arrived at Kalane in the lateish afternoon. The drive was very pleasant and interesting and we reached our destination in time for sunset – and sundowners.

In the morning we plan to start with our first boat ride up the river ….