Okavango Photo Safari: A Wildlife Photographer’s Dream at Savuti

Hendri’s News from Okavango – Savuti: A Wildlife Photographer’s Dream at Savuti

(Images from back of Hendri’s Camera)

The move up north from the flooded Khwai to Chobe National Park proved again today to have been the best decision we could have made.

Leaving the Lodge in the early morning has further ensured that our experiences have been exactly what one could wish for.

Lets start with our lion sightings. These have been excellent, and started with four lionesses with a fresh zebra kill that we found as dawn was breaking. The lionesses tucked into their meal with gusto, and watching the hungry feeding with occasional disputes among themselves was fascinating to say the least. And the photography! Wow!

6 Khwai Hendri Savuti March 2017 2

That was not all. As the afternoon wore on we found the Marsh pride of lions stalking a herd of zebra. The light was beautifully golden and again the photography was magnificent.

And not to be outdone, a short while later we encountered more different lionesses. This time they were stalking a herd of buffalo. Really! Who could ask for more!

Our leopard sightings have been equally good. Not only that large male that descended from the Apple Tree yesterday, there was also a female that strolled up the road, with us in tow.

6 Khwai Hendri Savuti March 2017 1

Plains animals abound everywhere, and everyone has had plenty of opportunity for wildebeest and zebra panning shots as the animals ran hither and thither.

Bird enthusiasts are have a wonderful time. What with Ground Hornbills, Bateleur Eagles, Kori Bustard, Red- and Yellow-billed Hornbills, Giant Eagle Owls, different vultures and more than one can list here. Simply fabulous!

6 Khwai Hendri Savuti March 2017 3

All in all this is turning out to be a wildlife photographer’s dream, and everyone is keen to see what tomorrow brings …