Okavango Machaba: Tawny Eagle Thieves

From Wim:

Seeing that our aim to see the lions yesterday was diverted by that fabulous day with the leopards, our decision was to try to find them again this morning …
There were plenty of tracks of both leopard and wild-dogs, but we didn’t catch up with them.

Instead the setting is simply so beautiful, and with the changing colours of the rising sun as a lovely backdrop, we photographed the game in the area … zebras, plenty of lechwe, elephants, wildebeest, and plenty of birds to keep us really busy.

We stopped for ages to watch a Fish Eagle catching fish. He was a proficient fisher and had success after success.

                                                                    Wim van den Heever NV-005

What kept us enthralled were some Tawny Eagles who waited for each catch, and then they would ambush and attack the Fish Eagle to steal his fish before he had a chance to settle down and eat. In this way the Fish Eagle reluctantly fed the Tawnies quite a number of fish. 

The Lechwe seemed to be very active today, and we captured wonderful images of them leaping singly or in groups through the water, their grace always a stunning subject for photography.

                                          Wim van den Heever KR-014

Later this afternoon we found the Machaba leopard agin … the one that lives close to the camp. She was relaxing in a tree with a vibrantly coloured sky behind us, giving us another glorious opportunity for fabulous leopard shots.

The night sky is brilliant again tonight, with ultra bright stars and the moon is still quite full. Soaking up the sounds, sights, and smells of the African night emphasises again how lucky we are to be here to experience nature untouched by civilisation.

Tomorrow we would like to try to find the lions again …