Okavango Machaba Safari: Lions in the Mist

Realizing that we would not have the time to travel very far on our final game drive, we decided to visit Lechwe Plains. It was raining, and somewhat misty as we arrived there and had a good look around the plain. Our binoculars were packed away because of the rain, but we scanned the area carefully.

In the distance we spotted a particularly pale-looking lechwe resting peacefully. Attracted by the unusual colour, and wondering if this were indeed a lechwe, we approached closer.

Then we were close enough to make it out … a lion was lying on a small termite mound.

Wim van den Heever-001

And nearby we found four lionesses and three cubs! They were busily feeding on a recently killed lechwe carcass.

What a treat for us to have this as our final major sighting of this eventful, exciting, adrenalin-filled safari.

After a hasty breakfast back at the Lodge it was time to head to the airport for our homeward flights. Until next time …