Okavango Machaba Safari: In a Torrential Downpour …

Wim Reports from Okavango – Machaba: In a Torrential Downpour …

After the truly stupendous time we spent with them yesterday, we thought it would be great to head back to the large pack of Wild Dogs and see what they were up to today. We couldn’t find them, but received a message that the 6 dog pack were out hunting.

Once again we found ourselves on the middle of a hunt, chasing, adrenalin flowing, and cameras recording the action. The communications and interaction between the dogs is always amazing to witness As the morning started to become really warm, however, the dogs gave up and decided to lie down in the heat of the day.


We turned our attention to the general game everywhere. We haven’t had all that much chance to photograph Lechwe, Kudu, Giraffe, and all the other game and birds in the area. And there are large numbers of elephants, always a majestic sight to see and photograph.

As we left the Lodge for our afternoon game drive we could see a massive storm building up and it wasn’t long before we were in a torrential downpour. Within moments  the world was transformed – there were deep puddles everywhere, water channels appeared where there had been none this morning, and the ground developed a slipperiness that made our drive feel like one of those crazy rides at a theme park.

All in all, not great for photography, but tremendous fun as we slid in unexpected directions with whoops of excitement, braved deep water channels, and tried our best to keep our equipment and ourselves as dry as possible. Difficult with all the hilarity!

But we did get some decent photography in when we stopped for sundowners and a breeding herd of elephants nearby looked just marvelous in those wet, gloomy conditions.


Tomorrow morning we would like to catch up with the Wild Dogs that have given us such incredible experiences during the past days. It would be a fitting way to end this spectacular safari …