Okavango Machaba Safari: An Incredible Clash …

Brendon’s News from Okavango Machaba: An Incredible Clash

Lions called repeatedly during the night from the Mogotlo area – we heard them from about 02:00 – and determined to go straight there this morning. In any case, the Wild Dogs are there, and we were keen to catch up with them again.

On the way we saw magnificent elephants, hippos in the golden river, and then we found tracks of two large male lions. We followed these and found the two – very handsome fellows on a mission. This was the same area where the three male lions were yesterday, and as these two walked, they continually sniffed bushes and the air – possibly determined to find them.


Then we heard that the dogs had been spotted and we dashed there, hoping for a hunt, but they were exhausted – and hungry. They hunted this morning but with no luck.

We turned back towards the Lodge, and we’re delighted to see a young female leopard that we have not spotted before. She didn’t hang around for long – a little shy, and she slunk away into some thick vegetation. But it was great to see her.

This afternoon we returned to Mogotlo, where a incredible, amazing, exciting afternoon unfolded.

It started gently enough when we passed the hyena den where we not only saw hyenas, we also found two porcupines snuffling around.

When we reached the Wild Dogs, the adrenalin started – and is just beginning to settle now that we are back at the Lodge.


As we reached the dogs, they were getting up and looking around for possible prey. It took them a second or two to sight a herd of impala – and the chase was one.

The next minute – what was this?

A herd of zebras charged into the scene and completely blocked the dogs from pursuing the impala!

imageThe dogs veered one way, the zebras responded and blocked them there. The dogs veered to the other side and were stopped again. The dogs then started to chase the zebra, nipping at their ankles. The herd did an abrupt about turn and the dogs fled, only to turn again and try to intimidate the zebras.

An incredible standoff followed, with the two group staring at each other – then the chase started again.

This pattern continued, with dogs chasing zebras, zebras chasing dogs, … All the chaos continued right in front of us – meters away, as we watched, agog!

Until eventually the dogs made a huge circle around the zebras and disappeared from sight!

We stopped for calming sundowners, watching a beautiful sunset, still absolutely incredulous at the amazing, exciting events of the afternoon.

Tomorrow we would like to find the dogs again …
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