Okavango Machaba Safari: A Swimming Hyena

Brendon’s News from Okavango Machaba: A Swimming Hyena

We went straight to check on the Wild Dogs this morning, and found them all sleeping at the den. And that is what they did for the whole morning. They must have made a kill after we left them last night as they were a little full, and showed no sign of hunting yet.

Some of our group went on a Mokoro trip up the river, where they experienced the wildlife from the water. That is a unique and iconic trip that guarantees lifelong memories.

6 Mokoro 2

Everyone else saw Wattled Cranes, plenty of elephants and general game, and spent some time photographing very busy Fish Eagles.

This afternoon we were keen to find predators again, and although we found both lion and leopard tracks, they all disappeared into thick vegetation or across the border.

So we returned to the Wild Dogs. Good Decision! About 10 minutes after we reached them the dogs woke up, and started their pre-hunt greeting session. This seems to reinforce bonding before they set out and it is interesting to watch as they lick and rub so enthusiastically against each other, yipping excitedly all the while.

The formalities over, they were ready to set out – and we were equally ready. Off they trotted, looking around eagerly for anything suitable to hunt. They sniffed around, stopped to listen, ran on, checked, and continued.

3 Wild Dog 1

Unfortunately for us, the pack disappeared into a huge Mopane thicket and although we waited for a while, they did not re-emerge.

When we arrived at the river we found an unusual sight. We could see a hyena on the far bank of the water. As we watched, the hyena plunged into the river and swam across to our side of the river. Needless to say, we clicked away!

A troop of baboons kept us very entertained with their antics and high-jinks. The sun was behind them for much of the time, giving us some great backlit shots.

3 Baboons 2

To end another fabulous day here, a cloudy sky created an absolutely spectacular sunset.

For our final game drive on this safari in the morning we would like to see the dogs again …

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