Okavango Machaba Safari: A Leopard Visits …

Brendon’s News from Okavango Machaba: A Leopard Visits …

This morning we wanted to check on the Wild Dogs or maybe the young leopards – but we started off with neither. Instead we found fresh tracks of two large male lions and followed these all the way to the Khwai River where they must have swum across to the neighboring territory.

We turned towards Mogotlo – this area has been very good to us in the past days – and yes, it delivered again today.

4 Ele 2-1

Not only did we see so much general game that we found ourselves ignoring herds of Impala, zebra, lechwe, and even elephants as we picked up on another set of lion tracks. These looked as though they belonged to a small pride and we followed the spoor hopefully.

We found three of the four young male lions we had seen a few days ago … and have no idea where the fourth male has disappeared to.

4 Lion 3-1

The three were walking back and forth until,they found a good place to rest during the heat of the day.

We moved on for a coffee break and then returned to the lions. They were lying with very nice light around them, and surrounded by a sea of small, very pretty yellow flowers. That created some fabulous photo opportunities and almost cute portrait shots – if big male lions could be called cute!

We went off to find the leopards and only found the young male. He was half-heartedly stalking a herd of Impala, but they were really far away and he stood no chance.

4 Leopard Cub 1-1

Eventually he gave up and crawled into a shady thicket for his noontime siesta.

This afternoon we were getting onto our vehicles for our afternoon game drive when the Machaba Female leopard strolled ever so nonchalantly right through the camp!

4 Leopard Cub 2-1

We  followed her through the camp and then for quite a distance until she walked into an area with very dense vegetation and we had to turn away.

Back at Mogotlo we found the three lions again, showing very little signs of moving on. After photographing the game and plentiful birds, including a Brown Snake Eagle, it was time to return to the Lodge. We stopped for a handsome Giant Eagle peering at us from a tree next to the road.

So, no time for Wild Dogs today – so maybe tomorrow …

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