Okavango Khwai River Safari: What an Opening Day…

Brendon’s News from Khwai River:

We started the first day of our safari with an excellent flight to Maun,


from where we boarded our connection for a truly spectacuar flight across the Okavango Delta to our destination – the Spectacular Khwai River Lodge set well within the Delta.


There is so much water around! There has been about 260mm rain in the past 72 hours and we found everything soaked – and just stunningly beautiful, lush and green! It really is a paradise …

And the game! But I am getting ahead of myself.

We settled in, had a light lunch at the Lodge and then a quick briefeing before we set out for our first game drive. So now to list everything that we saw – there were zebra, giraffe, lechwe leaping through those puddles everywhere, impala, waterbuck – and huge herds of elephants. Herd after herd.


As an example, there was one herd of about 150 elephants on a massive open plain … what a sight! The light on them as the afternoon progressed was breathtaking. They kept us entertained for hours. Little babies rolled in the mud while adults alternated throwing mud on themselves and onto each other. There were dozens of babies – some only a week or two old and just too cute for words.


There are so many pools all around after all that rain and a large number of them has resident hippos.

To end this idyllic day we had one of the most splendid sunsets imaginable. The puffy clouds against those shining colours! Wow!


This wonderful introduction has left us all looking forward to what tomorrow may hold in store for us …